The idea for this site came from OTR Plot Spot (there's a good chance that you got here from the link over there). In it, Mr. Dickson stated that he hoped his site would inspire others to create similar sites. Here, you will find plot summaries for shows in the genres of Detectives, Mystery, Vigilantes, and Westerns. The site is still a bit untidy, with many shows still lacking series descriptions and cast lists. Hopefully, these will be up eventually.

A note on episode titles. The following shows have the titles announced at the beginning of the episode: The Black Museum (sort of), Box 13 (except for a few of the earlier episodes), Crime Classics, Gangbusters, The Green Hornet, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I., Inner Sanctum, Nick Carter, Master Detective, The Shadow, Suspense, Tales of the Texas Rangers, The Third Man, This is Your F.B.I., The Whistler, and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. All the other shows don't, at least not on a regular basis. For these shows, I use the radio logs at Jerry Haendiges's OTR Site.

Plot summaries and episode reviews are welcome. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when adding on. Summaries should be restricted to one to three sentences and avoid giving away the ending. Make note if an episode is a multi-parter (and how many parts it's in) and if the length is outside the norm (unless otherwise noted, all shows are half-hour length). For anthology shows, mention any notable actors in starring roles and the original author of episodes based on books or short stories. If the main character was portrayed by more than one person during the series run, say which actor it was in that episode. Mention the person playing a major supporting character only if there was a cast change during the main actor's time on the show. (example: When Orson Welles was the Shadow, Margot Lane was portrayed by both Agnes Moorehead and Margot Stevenson.) Reviews should state exactly why the reviewer liked or disliked the particular episode. If you wish to write a review for an episode without a summary, it would be advisable to write a summary as well.

The Adventures of Superman: The Man of Steel on the radio.

The Black Museum: True crime from Scotland Yard's files hosted by Orson Welles.

Boston Blackie: Former safecracker turned crimefighter who's an enemy to those who make him an enemy and a friend to those who have no friend.

Box 13: The adventures of retired journalist Dan Holiday resulting from his provocative ad.

Crime Classics: Tales of true crime from around the globe and from all points of history.

Dragnet: No frills true crime drama adapted from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Frontier Gentleman: Western detailing the travels of London Times reporter J.B. Kendall.

Gangbusters: The first nationally broadcast true crime series.

The Green Hornet: Newspaper publisher Britt Reid and his valet Kato take on well-connected gansters and crooked politicians who consider themselves beyond the law.

Gunsmoke: U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon keeps the peace in 1870s Dodge City.

Have Gun, Will Travel: San Francisco based gunslinger Palidin hires himself to anyone who can pay his fee.

I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.: F.B.I. mole Matt Cvetic does his part to confound the Red Menace.

Inner Sanctum: Pass through the creaking door for tales of campy horror.

The Lone Ranger: The Masked Man and his Indian Companion fight for law and order in the Old West.